1 Year and 300 Homes Later

Congratulations to Pawsibilities Rescue are in order! This is the One Year Anniversary of a very successful Rescue in Olivet! With the help of the Community, friends and family, we were able to raise $20,000 this time last year so we could get our new rescue ready for the animals in need of our help. We might be small; however, we have had a significant impact on the community already. We have found homes for hundreds of animals in a brief period.  With the help of the community’s donations we can ensure that every animal goes home healthy and happy as well as spayed or neutered! Pawsibilities Rescue has taken in animals of all shapes and sizes.  Since the opening of the rescue such as: dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and even a pot belly pig! All animals were placed into their forever homes and are very happy! Although Pawsibilities Rescue has only been open for One year, Connie Friedly has been rescuing animals for over 45 years! She has done amazing work with the animals in her care as well as networking with the community and other shelters and rescues in the area to ensure every pet finds their perfect home! Congratulations Pawsibilities Rescue on a successful Year! If you would like to help Pawsibilities, all donations are accepted. volunteering to help care for the animals, such as walking the dogs on the property, cleaning kennels, playing with the small animals, feeding and water the animals, etc.! With your help Pawsibilities has been such a great rescue. It continues to grow stronger every day! Thank you to everyone for your continuing support!


Connie Friedly